Fiverr Website Design Services or Digital Agency

Fiverr Website Design Services or Digital Agency

In case you have realized that you need a great website that represents your business online you might get in trouble choosing who to hire for your new web project. There are two main options to choose from – hiring a freelancer for web design service or hiring a digital agency for complete website creation.

In our article we are going to compare the differences between digital agencies and the freelance Fiverr website developers.

Why choosing between a Fiverr website design Gigs or digital agency is so hard?

Freelancer Web Design vs Digital Agency Website Development
Freelancer Web Design vs Digital Agency Website Development

It’s not that hard to determine if a digital agency or a Fiverr freelancer will do the best web design for you.

First we will need to compare the pros and cons about both choices. And sometimes they are not so different at all.

You can hire a really good web designer on and you can also hire a crappy web design agency and vice-versa. Unfortunatelly there is alot of scam in the web design niche, but the good thing is that Fiverr is defending you against it by hoding the money for the project until it is finished and you are satisfied by the end result. While a digital agency usually want a prepayment to start working and you have no guarantees about the job quality before you get it.

And, of course even hiring the best web designer in the world without a great marketing approach from your side this will be pointless. So, be smart and do your research before starting.

Another good thing to watch out in both choices is if the web designer or agency have a good SEO expert, because it is best that your website is built with SEO in mind from the begining.

Pros and cons of agencies and Fiverr website designer

In the next paragraphs we are going to talk about the pros and cons of Fiverr website design and digital agencies services. I am going to compare the skills, service quality, flexibility and prices of both. This way you can make the best decision for your case.

Skills Freelancer

PROS: Most of the Freelancers are qualified professionals that have worked for a few companies and have decided to go on their own afterwards. It is best to look for the freelancer’s work before you order from them however and make sure that the person have enough experience to make your dreamed project.

CONS: It is not easy to find a person who is capable of everything, so you might need to look for 2-3 freelancers to do the whole job for you.

Digital Agency

PROS: The best thing about digital agencies is that they have alot of professionals in different aspects of web design, like SEOs, WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento etc. And if you need something custom made that is not using one of the popular CMS solutions it is best to go with a digital agency.

CONS: The cons from skill perspective are that if you are a small business owner the agency will allocate their rookies to learn and work on your project. The agencies usually keep their best professionals for the bigger companies and you might end up getting  a rookie allocated to your project.

Our company is working strictly on and we are experts in website design and SEO which is most of what is needed in a scalable web project.

Service Quality Freelancer

PROS: The freelancer will do it’s best to meet all of your expectations, since your opinion and review are his best advertisement. Most of the freelancers will do everything to ensure that everything you need is made in the best way possible.

CONS: Since the freelancers are working from home on their own sometimes they disappear without trace and do not finish what they started.

However when ordering from Fiverr this is eliminated, since Fiverr is holding your payment until the job is finished.

Digital Agency

PROS: The best thing in agencies is that they will communicate with you on the whole process of creation and even if they allocate a rookie to your project the experts will constantly check on their work and ensure everything is done perfectly.

CONS: The companies are trying their best to have great reputation. However their employees are not always that dedicated to the agency and keeping a great reputation is not their first priority.

Flexibility Freelancer

PROS: One of the greatest things about Fiverr freelancers is that they do not have fixed working hours. You can hire your freelancer on sunday or saturday. They don’t work from 9 to 5 as with most of the company employees, which makes them way more flexible.

CONS: Some of them can charge extra money for working on weekends or night hours.

Digital Agency

PROS: You have a deadline which the agency will do it’s best to keep, regardless of their working hours.

CONS: You will be competing with many other projects since your designer will probably be full of them. The designers in agencies tend to work on 3-4 projects simotaneously and have 1-2 hours a day for your project.

Price Freelancer

PROS: Most freelance options are far cheaper than their agencies alternatives. And that is because the freelancer will not demand from you a full-time salary. Most of them actually charge you on a per hour basis and are far more productive than office workers from any company.

CONS: On price end-point there are no cons about hiring a Fiverr web developer.

Digital Agency

PROS: Most agencies will offer you flexible ways of paying. You will be able to pay on payment schedule, not everything at once.

CONS: Since agencies tend to have workers in place and much more expenses to support their companies the prices are sometimes 10-times higher than the same amount of work done by a freelancer.

Final thoughts on taking the best decision for your web project

In the end whichever of those you choose it will bring your business many new customers by making your online presence active.

However it is important to read reviews and testimonials, see the specialists porfolios and decide which way to go for your current needs.


  1. Thank you for the great information. I have already made my decision based on your opinion and now I’m waiting for the final result. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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