• Project Information
  • Client dreboliiki.com
  • Date 15 September 2012
  • Category Business, Gifts, Ecommerce
  • Location Bulgaria

About The Website and Business

Dreboliiki.com is a bulgarian ecommerce website for gifts. Our company created the website in late 2013 and has made 3 redesigns of it till now.

The website has a great amount of visitors and is one of the most famous brands in it’s niche.

From technical point of view Dreboliiki has alot of features, including Facebook Pixel, which retargets visitors with relevant ads in Facebook. The site also have Google Remarketing tags to make possible showing relevant ads to people who already visited it in Google Display Network.

There are numerious other user experience features like:

  • Loyalty program – the loyalty program makes it possible for the registered users to collect reward points, based on their purchases, left reviews and registering a profile.
  • Review reminder – the website sends a review reminder 10 days after a visitor has completed a purchase, to remind them to leave a review and receive 10% discount for next order.
  • Cart abandoment reminder – if you accidently added your credentials on the checkout page but closed it. Don’t worry! The website will send you an email with your forgotten cart in 2 hours after you left.

From SEO perspective we have worked hard in the last years and made a great prescense in Google.