• Project Information
  • Client gameday.bg
  • Date 15 December 2017
  • Category Digital Products, Ecommerce
  • Location Bulgaria

About The Website and Business

Gameday.bg is a bulgarian PC games online retailer. The website sells only digital copies of computer games, which are sent by email after a user completes an order.

We have developed and designed the website in 2017 and continue to work on it’s SEO and user experience.

Gameday.bg has alot of features, which include:

  • Loyalty program – the returning, registered users can earn gaming points and use them to get a discount for their purchases. The points can be earned by making a registration on the website, by completing orders or by leaving product reviews.
  • Review reminder email – the website is sending a review reminder 24 hours after an order has been marked as completed. This encourages users to leave a review and sends them a 10% discount for their next purchase.
  • Cart abandomend email – Gameday.bg has an advanced email system that sends emails to registered and non-registered visitors who have added product to their cart, entereted their email address and left. The website then creates an scheduled action and sends a reminder email to complete the order if the visitor doesn’t come back within 2 hours.
  • Affiliate program – the website also has a great, self-hosted affiliate program with nice user interface. This way your affiliates can earn comission by sharing their referral links.