SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO PowerSuite Review (2021): Price and Features

SEO PowerSuite, as the name suggests is a powerful SEO software, which consists of 4 completely different SEO tools. Our company has been using all of the tools for a long time and they play a major role in our search engine optimization strategy.

SEO PowerSuite – Main Features and Tools

In this article we are going to look trough every single tool, included in SEO PowerSuite and review it’s features. Then we are going to talk about the price of the software, the differences between professional and enterprise versions and how you can download it for a test run – 1 month, completely free.

Now I will review every SEO tool from SEO PowerSuite and tell you how I personally use it for clients and myself.

Rank Tracker –Keyword Research and Automatic Rank Tracking Tool

Rank Tracker –Keyword Research and Automatic Rank Tracking Tool

Rank Tracker is one of my favorite SEO PowerSuite tools. With it’s help you can easily search for new keywords, by connecting it to your Google Ads profile.

Another great feature of this particular SEO tool is that it can track the current rankings of your project keywords in many search engines, including Google. The best part is that you can track unlimited keyword rankings and you can schedule Rank Tracker to check them automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

With this great SEO software you can monitor your ranking progress and see if your current SEO efforts have impact. You can order your tracked keywords by their rank difference, which means that you can check for which keywords you dropped and for which you have gone up.

For each keyword that you are tracking there is a handy progress graphic, which shows your progress day by day.

Some of the other great features that Rank Tracker has is the ability to track your keywords from national or local geolocation. This is really handy if you are working on a website which is meant for particular country or even city-targeted audience.

The keyword analysis with Rank Tracker is also a piece of cake, since you can order your analyzed keywords by their competitionmonthly visits or their keyword difficulty.

Try this full SEO software for Free Before you Decide to Buy it

Website Auditor – Complete Website Audit and Content Optimization Tool

Website Auditor – Complete Website Audit and Content Optimization Tool

Usually I use Website Auditor before the Rank Tracker, because it can give you a full overview of the website SEO errors which need to be fixed first. However it depends on the current customer needs, since there are websites which need their keywords to be researched first and there are ones that are ranking, but not high enough and we need to understand where are their problems.

After you run a full website audit with Website Auditor you will see warnings and errors and the thing you need to do is fix them one by one and then make a new audit to see if you have made the fixes successfuly.

Website Auditor is using it’s own SEO spider to crawl all of the website pages, including it’s static and dynamically generated resources. It is best to keep your project speed settings to 10 request per second since if left by default it can crawl your website too fast and slow down your server.

Just like with Rank Tracker – with Website Auditor you can schedule full website audit scans automatically to see the improvements that were made. I like to set these once per month.

If you are not certain how to fix an issue – don’t worry the Website Auditor has an easy step-by-step instructions. You just need to click on the issue and will receive all the required information about how to fix it.

Another great feature is the page analysis. With the help of page analysis you can enter a particular URL from your website and the keyword/keywords you wish to optimize it for. Then Website Auditor will scan the particular page and it’s competitors to show you how can you improve it to outrank them.

One of the best things about page audits is that you can also use the content editor which allows you to live-edit your audited page and see the errors fixed in real-time. When you fix everything you can get to your live site, do the changes and then rebuild the page audit to see the improvements.

If you use the Enterprise version of SEO PowerSuite you will be able to export your reports to PDF and provide them to your customers. If you are using it for your own projects the Professional license will be more than enough to get the job done.

SEO SpyGlass – Complete Backlink Research Tool

SEO SpyGlass – Complete Backlink Research Tool

SEO SpyGlass is the next tool I will review. The tool is very powerful and you can actually spy on your competitor’s backlinks with it.

The other great feature that I personally use is the ability of the tool to recognize the penalty-risk backlinks and create a devaluation file that you can submit to Google. And this is crucial if you have many spammy links, because taking a hit from Google Penguin will take months if not years to recover.

The summary dashboard of SEO SpyGlass is also amazing it gives you a whole overview of your backlinks, the countries, the dofollow and nofollow percentage, the C-Block IP addresses and much more.

Another great feature is that the tool can compare your backlinks with your competitors. This way you can easily see missed backlink opportunities. The backlink quality is calculated by a formula which includes the DA (Domain Authority)Alexa Rankdomain age and over 50 more.

Of course, like the other SEO PowerSuite tools with SEO SpyGlass you can schedule automatic backlink checks daily, weekly or monthly. I personally use the monthly backlink checks here.

Try all the tools for free before you buy them

LinkAssistant – Link Management and Link Outreach Tool

LinkAssistant – Link Management and Link Outreach Tool

When you start searching for link opportunities it can be a headache. But with LinkAssistant you can search for different types of relevant backlinks and contact the website owners right from the LinkAssistant dashboard.

First you need to choose your backlink prospects. Let’s say you are looking for Guest Posting backlinks – you just need to select Guest Posting. Then it is best to sort the domains by domain authority to analyze the best ones.

Then you need to contact your newly found link prospects to ask for a backlink. This cannot be done easier. With LinkAssistant you can create your own HTML email template, connect your existing email and start sending email prospects from the SEO tool.

And that’s not all at all! You can then track the sent email status to make sure you haven’t sent the same email twice to the same prospect.

The last part of our evaluation of SEO PowerSuite will be to review the different versions of this powerful SEO software. There are two to choose from – Professional and Enterprise.

SEO PowerSuite – Professional or Enterprise

Choose between Professional and Enterprise edition of this incredible software

The two versions of SEO PowerSuite are not so different. They actually have one big difference and that is the ability to export the reports from your tools for your clients, without the SEO PowerSuite watermark. If you need the software for yourself and your clients, without the need to give them the reports – the Professional version will be just fine.

There is a little trick with SEO PowerSuite reports that I want to share with you. You can install Adobe Acrobat Reader and set it as a default printer in Control Panel. Then when you go to the reporting tab of any of the tools and choose print your report will be saved as a PDF, but with SEO PowerSuite watermark on it.

However if you sell services and want to send your clients personalized reports with your brand logo and without having any relations to SEO PowerSuite – then the Enterprise version is the one you need to go for.

SEO PowerSuite – Price and Algorithmic Updates

Try for free before you buy

You can try this incredible SEO software completely free for the first month. This way you can see it’s features and decide if you want to invest in the Professional or Enterprise edition.

The regular price for the Professional edition is $299 per year and you get 6 months of free algorithmic updates, which cost $14.95 per month, but has options for big discounts if you buy it for more time.

The price of the Enterprice edition is $699 per year. You also get the 6 months of free algo updates, which then cost you $69.95 per month.

Of course you can get a great deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but you will need to wait and track the prices. Meanwhile you can try the free version of the software.

SEO PowerSuite – Final Conclusion

My final thoughts on this incredible SEO software kit is that it is completely worth the price. The best thing about it is that it is a Java desktop software and not a cloud-based one. All of the tools are available for Windows PC and Mac and will surely get your website a better ranking in the leading search engines you target.

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