How to Show Widgets Only on Specific WordPress Pages

How to Show Widgets Only on Specific WordPress Pages

If you need to have some of your WordPress widgets appear only on specific pages it is relatively easy to do so. You can try to do it yourself by watching the video below:

Or if you are still not sure how to make your widgets appear where you want them follow the steps below.

Show Widgets on Specific WordPress Pages Using Widget Context Plugin

First you will need to install and activate the plugin Widget Context.

You can do this by going to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Plugins -> Add New.

Then in the “Search plugins…” field type “Widget Context” and click install.

After the plugin is installed click on Activate, to activate it.

Then you need to navigate to Appearance -> Widgets and choose the widget you want to hide or show only on specific pages.

Click on the arrow next to the name of the widget and you will see the Widget Context label. Under it there is a dropdown menu which says “Show widget everywhere”. You have three other options to choose from:

  • Show widget on selected – if you choose this option you will be able to choose only the posts/pages where you want the widget to appear.
  • Hide widget on selected – you can choose this option if you want to show the widget on all pages by default but want to hide it on specific pages/posts only.
  • Hide widget everywhere – this option hides the widget from every posts/pages on your website.

After you made the changes, click Save button at the bottom.

If you have caching enabled, do not forget to clear your cache to see the changes you’ve made.

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