We all know that speed and performance of a website is a really important factor for your Google rankings. If you have a low GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed score than certainly this Fiverr.com gig is for you.

Improve Load Times and Google PageSpeed

WordPress Optimization

I made this PPH offer to help people who have problems with their website performance and low GTMetrix / Google PageSpeed score.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization

By ordering this service you will need to provide me with temporrary admin and cpanel access. I will then install and configure a premium caching pluginminify and combine CSS and JS filesoptimize imagesdefer parsing of JavaScript, enable browser caching and set correct expiry times. If your hosting supports Object Caching I will enable this for you too.

Before you order this offer make sure you contact me trough Fiverr.com or PeoplePerHour.com, so that I can take a look at your website and determine why it has performance issues. This is important because sometimes the problem is with the Hosting provider and/or with a bad written website theme and in these cases the only way to fix the performance is to change the hosting and theme.

Our Pricing

How much will the service Cost?

WordPress Performance Optimization Service
  • Improve Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix Score
  • Browser Caching
  • Minify CSS & JS
  • Combine CSS & JS
  • Image Optimization
  • Object Caching
  • Database Optimization
but that's not all...

Other Features

Configure Cloudflare cdn

If your website is Global and is serving visitors from all around the World it will be best to have a CDN.

This way your website will be served to your visitors from the nearest location, which ensures fast loading anywhere.

One of the best free CDN providers is CloudFlare and I can configure your website to use it for extra $20 to my PPH offer add-on.

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